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This is about providing people who need help

with support. 

When you DONATE, your donation will go directly to providing counselling services to those that need it most!



If you are someone struggling with you Mental Health right now, these donations are for you. You can book an APPOINTMENT with a counseller. 


As a show of support we have people that are going to shave their heads, and post the video, everytime we hit increments of 500.00 in donations. If you would like to sign up to SHAVE YOUR HEAD, it is for a great cause. 



your donations will go directly to provide mental support for someone in need. 



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We are all about Transcparency, Check out the Donation Details so see exactly where your funds

are going!





We all have mental health struggles, some it is a consistent challenge, others it is situational!

No matter what your reason for wanting to talk to a counsellor is, it is the right reason. We want to help

Therapy for Canadians in

need is provided by



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We want people that are willing to Shave their Head. It’s for an awesome cause!

You can register and do it when we hit a donation amount of your choosing. We need a new head for everyone increment of 1000.00!

Make sure you include all your social media info so when we post it we can tag you!


When people share their struggles a few things happen:

People realize they are not alone

Those in the midst of a struggle feel empowered

It helps release the old stigma about mental health

We would be grateful if you could share your story. It will be shared so others can read. Feel free to use your name or remain anonymous.

You can do it in the form of a video or written if you prefer.